Celebrate Ofrenda your own way

How to Participate in Ofrenda

Get creative. Be inspired by the Mexican way of Ofrenda. There is no need though to copy or imitate it, unless you’d like to. What inspires you? Is there an image or landscape that connects you to your deceased beloved? Do you write poetry? Do you paint? What do you do to remember this person? Upload an image that shows your story. Tell us about it.

Is there something that belonged to the person you’re remembering, that connects you to them today, perhaps when you use it – for example, a garden tool, a recipe or even something that you might use daily, like a cup or a car? If so, tell us about it. Upload your image and story. Share its significance for you.

Consider collaborating. Ever think of creating something from those shared thoughts, ideas, and emotions exchanged amongst you and your friends as remember your respective dead? If so, imagine what it might be. Create a collage. Craft a quilt. Plant a garden. Prepare a meal. Upload an image of what you and your friends have made. And tell us your story.

A traditional Mexican Ofrenda

Make an Altar

If the Mexican Ofrenda inspires you to create a similar version of your own, consider doing it the traditional way by placing your ofrendas on an altar.

Altars can be single or multi-tiered. Any flat surface will do, such as a table or an upturned box. Cover it with a cloth. Two most common ofrenda items placed on the altar are candles and fresh flowers or flower petals. Other common ofrenda items are food and drinks, particularly those favoured by the deceased. Photos of the person, or persons, being remembered are also commonly used. Significant personal items of the deceased can also go on the altar. If the deceased was religious, religious images and portraits can be set out. Whatever items you select, be sure that they connect you to the person that you are remembering. Make it meaningful to you. Then with care and attention, arrange the items on the altar in a manner that pleases you. Let it be aesthetically appealing to you.

The size and general appearance of an altar and the ofrendas will vary considerably. This is what makes them special. Personalise it. Make it your own.

What an alter looks like

Have a ceremony

Ofrenda Ceremony